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Create Value through Process Development, Business Intelligence and Optimization

CxOWorks makes the elements of your business that create value more valuable. Our clients span the stages of maturity. Some are developing pre-commercial IP, some are newly funded and focused on scaling, while others have reached a level of stability and are fine tuning the machine. What they all have in common is a need to define and optimize processes. CxOWorks enables organizations to map, measure and analyze everything they do, so they can improve performance.

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Business Intelligence for Finance,
Sales & Marketing, and Operations

We connect the dots across the organization through business intelligence.

CxOWorks' team spans these disciplines to bring clients a unique combination of Business Intelligence capability. Our experience is that Business Intelligence initiatives are often compartmentalized. One area of the business identifies how their function can benefit from measurement and optimization. In such a case the opportunity to create connectivity through measurement is lost. At CxOWorks, our team considers the implications that each process has on the bigger business picture. As a result, we deliver what the originating business area needs, while weaving its actions and performance into the collective organization.


From market identification and targeting to close ratios

No function in a company is scrutinized as much as sales. The results are tangible. The means are more difficult to distill down to key activities and results.

Formulating a strategy based on market dynamics and the company's value proposition, executing against that strategy, and optimizing its activities through measurement is paramount. 


From media and CRM to content marketing

Marketing is the most data rich area of your business. Utilizing that data to understand your prospects, who they are, where to find them, and what they want is just the start. Developing a plan on that information is a balance of art and science. The right measurement and analysis creates the means to win new customers, and to design the products and services they need. 


From historical analysis to forecasting and planning

Connecting the functional areas of the business into a financial narrative is critical to making smart investments, capitalizing the business, and fine tuning margins. Beyond the financial statements, the right metrics create the connective tissue of the business. Gain insight into the why of the numbers with a new view of the factors that drive current and potential performance.


From delivery to customer service

Your customers expect a lot. Creating a customer experience that gives them easy and positive interactions with your brand requires detailed planning and flawless execution. Balancing this necessity with managing costs requires continuous process improvement. Mapping the operational process and measuring all its steps provides a line of sight to fixing issues and taking advantage of opportunities. 

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